PDO Threads

A consultation is required for all PDO Thread services.

Thread lifts are relatively non-invasive and thus, low risk. There is also little risk of scarring, severe bruising, bleeding or other complications. Thread Lifting is best-suited for patients experiencing mild to moderate, rather than severe, signs of skin laxity. Threads are ideal for lifting the skin, threads combat aging in another way: by provoking the body’s “healing response” causing the body to direct large surges of collagen to treated areas. This aids in rejuvenation and neovascularization of the skin, along with the vital role collagen plays in the aging process. Get the results of a facelift with a less invasive, in-office procedure with little to no downtime.


  • Long-lasting results
  • Little risk of adverse reaction
  • Little to no downtime
  • Treats several areas of the face and body
  • May be repeated as necessary
  • Excellent alternative to a facelift

Threads allow you to add volume to your skin and simulate the results of a facelift to create a smoother look. For those who’ve maintained their youth with other aesthetic treatments, such as lasers and injectables like Botox and Fillers, a PDO Thread Lift will give you that additional lift that in the past could only be achieved with facelift surgery. This treatment is suitable for those who want to attain an immediate lift of their facial contours without undergoing facelift surgery and extensive downtime. The procedure is best suited for men and women who are unwilling to tolerate facelift surgery, but want to look refreshed and lifted naturally with minimal discomfort.

The main indications for Threadlifting include:

  • Sagging neck
  • Neck lines
  • Wrinkles on décolletage
  • Body: sagging breasts, elbows, knees, upper arms, thighs, tummies and bottoms

The treatment effects are:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Loose skin after diet
  • Skin Lightening
  • Increase skin volume
  • Lifting the skin